Don Camping

This is a picture of my husband Don. We met in college in the canoe and hiking club. On our honeymoon, we spent five weeks traveling in the American west. We went camping and backpacking in many national parks and national forests. Later, after we moved to California, we traveled to even more places in the American southwest and northern Mexico. We have been fortunate to visit beautiful places and diverse environments including rain forests, deserts, coastlines, canyons, and mountain ranges. When we were young, we spent a lot of time in tents. That is why I chose a camping scene for my first attempt at light painting. I still have a lot to learn, but this technique opens up a lot of exciting possibilities.


No Hay un Planeta B (there is no planet B)

16 year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg started a worldwide youth movement last August when she skipped school to protest in front of the Swedish parliament about the world’s lack of progress in dealing with climate change. By March this year, her Friday for the Future movement had turned into a worldwide movement of youth in over 100 countries who protest their governments for action to stop climate change. Protesters in Spain carried banners that said No Hay un Planeta B (there is no planet B). This is the only place that we will ever have to live, but many of us act as though we can continue as we have before without consequences. The poor choices of past generations and many current governments have turned this into a crisis. I’m proud of today’s youth for taking this seriously and taking action.

Going Native

I have spent a large part of my life outdoors working with plants in different ways. I would like to share what I have learned with other people. Most people barely notice the natural environment, but our well-being depends on what happens beyond our doors. The natural world shapes our fate as much as we shape it. Besides, it is both beautiful and fascinating. My photography explores the natural world outside my door; it is my wish to share what I see, feel and know about plants and animals.